Jazz Hot is a French quarterly jazz magazine published in Marseille. It was founded in March 1935 in Paris.

Jazz Hot was published in March 1935 in Paris on one page in the back of a program for a Coleman Hawkins concert at the Salle Pleyel on February 21, 1935. At its inception, Jazz Hot was the official magazine of the Hot Club of France, an organization founded in January 1934 by Panassié as president and Pierre Nourry as secretary general.

Jazz Hot is acclaimed for having innovated scholarly jazz criticism before and after World War II — jazz criticism that was also distinguished with literary merit, and in some articles before 1968, with leftist political views. Several of its early contributors are credited for helping to intellectualize jazz journalism and to draw attention to it from fine arts establishments and institutions. Jazz Hot has played an integral role in integrating jazz into a French national identity.

Although the American jazz magazine DownBeat was founded four months before Jazz Hot, it was not exclusively a jazz magazine at the time. Therefore, Jazz Hot is the oldest jazz magazine in the world. Oldest does not mean longest-running; the publication of Jazz Hot was interrupted during World War II, giving way to jazz magazines that have been published without interruption. The issue sequence of the pre-war series, from March 1935 to July–August 1939, numbers 1 through 32, is independent of the issue sequence of the post-war series, which begins October 1945 with issue 1, which clouds the connection between the two series.

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