The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a privately run museum in London, England, dedicated to the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It is the world’s first museum dedicated to the literary character Sherlock Holmes. It opened in 1990 and is situated on Baker Street near the north end of Baker Street in central London close to Regent’s Park.

The Georgian townhouse which the museum occupies as “221B Baker Street” was built in 1815. It was formerly used as a boarding house from 1860 to 1936. It covers the period of 1881 to 1904 when the stories describe Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson residing there as tenants of Mrs. Hudson. The house is listed as Grade 2 by the Government because of its special architectural and historical features. The museum features exhibits items from several different adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, and recreations of scenes from the 1984 Granada Television series Sherlock Holmes. 

The house consists of four floors, except for the first floor, which is a souvenir shop, the other floors are the living room, the office, and the bedroom of the detective Sherlock Holmes, the rooms of Dr. Watson and the landlady Hudson. Visitors will climb the 17-step staircase exactly as the author Conan Doyle described in the short story A Scandal in Bohemia. The second floor is the living room and bedroom of Detective Sherlock Holmes. In the living room, visitors can see countless items such as books, an old The Times newspaper, a violin … and the detective’s inseparable items such as the legendary magnifying glass, pipe, hat, etc.  

The museum also hosts an exhibition featuring life-size waxworks from Sherlock Holmes’ most famous adventures.

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