Shopping is a shopping mall in downtown Luleå, Sweden. Designed by architect Ralph Erskine, it was the first purpose-built indoor shopping center in the world when it opened in October 1955.


The architect, Ralph Erskine, had a vision of city life moving indoors during the harsh winters in the area with temperatures down to -42 degrees Fahrenheit (-41 degrees Celsius) and meters of snow recorded. Erskine thus designed the world’s first purpose-built enclosed shopping mall, which was different from its American predecessors since it was built to work all year, regardless of the weather.

The mall’s opening was a success. It’s reported that 15,000 to 25,000 people attended—a remarkable feat, considering the city had fewer than 30,000 inhabitants at the time.

Since its inauguration, it has seen multiple refurbishments and alterations but is still used as a shopping mall. Today, it was popular with a wide range of stores offering everything from fashion to books to restaurants. Few people visiting today know about the mall’s history and how it shaped shopping for decades to come.

According to the Wikipedia