STRAAT Museum is a spectacular museum for street art and graffiti located in the NDSM-wharf area in Amsterdam. The museum is housed in a large former shipyard warehouse (lasloods) which provides a total of 8,000m² gallery space.

The museum officially opened its doors in October 2020 after some years of development and challenges including the lockdown measures. The exhibition hosts 153 large-scale pieces of artwork made by 140 artists from 32 nationalities, both well-renowned and upcoming talent.

In an almost overwhelmingly vast post-industrial space, the museum collection of paintings, sculptures, and installations charts out the history of street art, albeit in a rather roundabout way. Outside looms a 24-meter-high portrait of a smiling Anne Frank by Brazilian heavyweight Eduardo Kobra. The work is called ‘Let Me Be Myself’ – a fitting slogan.

The museum tries to address the question of whether street art can still be called ‘street art’ if exhibited inside. To retain authenticity, each artist was individually invited to the museum to create their work on-site and to offer perspectives on their work.

STRAAT Museum has laid its exhibition like a city, where visitors can take a street art tour around the streets and intersections. Labels are in English and Dutch. The artworks have been grouped into 5 main themes:

Personal – street art as a reflection of the artist’s world

Aesthetical – creating perfect shapes

Grounded – the connection of street art with its surroundings

Conscious – using street art to raise awareness of issues

Empathic – communicating to an audience through art

The museum also runs street art & graffiti workshops for private groups and events.

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