ThyssenKrupp AG is a German multinational conglomerate with a focus on industrial engineering and steel production. It is the result of the 1999 merger of Thyssen AG and Krupp and has its operational headquarters in Duisburg and Essen. The company claims to be one of the world’s largest steel producers; it was ranked tenth-largest worldwide by revenue in 2015.


The group is divided into 670 subsidiaries worldwide. ThyssenKrupp’s products range from machines and industrial services to high-speed trains, elevators, and shipbuilding. Subsidiary ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems also manufactures frigates, corvettes, and submarines for the German and foreign navies.

MULTI is the world’s first rope-free elevator system introduced by Thyssenkrupp in 2014. In this system, multiple elevator cabins are equipped with linear motors, which allows several cabins in the same shaft to move vertically and horizontally which permits buildings to adopt different heights, shapes, and purposes. MULTI increases transport capacities and efficiency while reducing the elevator footprint and peak loads from the power supply in the building. In 2015, a scale model of the MULTI system was shown. According to Thyssenkrupp, the first MULTI elevator unit will be tested in 2016.

On June 22, 2017, Thyssenkrupp launched the world’s first fully functional MULTI elevator system at their innovation test tower in Rottweil, Germany.

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