Titlis is the highest mountain in the portion of the Uri Alps north of the Susten Pass. This part of the range is located between the valleys of the Hasli (west) and the Reuss (east), thus separating the waters feeding the basins of the Aare and Reuss respectively.

It is mainly accessed from Engelberg (OW) on the north side and is famous as the site of the world’s first rotating cable car.

First conceived in 1992, it is one of only three rotating lifts in the world. The Titlis Rotair gondola rotates its way up towards the snow-covered summit of Mount Titlis from the popular resort town of Engelberg in the Canton of Obwalden in central Switzerland. The vehicle transports tourists from the middle station to the top of the 9,926ft high mountain.

The gondola revolves 360 degrees during the five-minute trip, treating visitors to idyllic panoramic views of steep rock faces, deep crevasses, and distant snow-covered mountain peaks. It allows people to experience different views as the cabin slowly rotates and travels up the mountain. resembles two wrapping ribbons around one another.

The cable car system connects Engelberg (996 m) to the summit of Klein Titlis (3,028 m) through the three stages of Gerschnialp (1,262 m), Trübsee (1,796 m) and Stand (2,428 m).

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