The Tour du Lac regatta (also known as the Tour du Léman or the Tour du Lac Léman à l’Aviron) is a rowing regatta on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Since 1972 the regatta has been organized at the end of September every year by the yacht club Société Nautique de Genève. The tour starts in Geneva and runs around Lake Geneva. With a distance of 160 km, it is the longest non-stop rowing regatta in the world.

The starting point of the regatta is the mole of the club Société Nautique de Genève. Traditionally the route runs on the Swiss lakeside past Nyon, Lausanne, Vevey, and Montreux to the end of the lake in Villeneuve. Afterward, the boats row along the French lakeside past the cities of Le Bouveret, Evian, and Yvoire back to Geneva. Because of the adverse external conditions in some years, the route was changed in the short run. In addition, for reasons of safety, every boat is escorted by a motorboat.

The course record for the complete distance is held by the team of RC Hamm. In 2011, the team completed the race in a time of 11 hours 43 minutes, and 30 seconds. As of 2014, Matthias Decker from the Ludwigshafener RV has participated in the regatta more than any other rower, having taken part 33 times. In 2012 Christian Klandt from the Bonner Ruder-Verein completed the regatta alone in a skiff, arriving at Geneva after 14 hours and 27 minutes.

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Source: Stephen M. Ransom CC 3.0

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