Turning Torso (the English name is used also in Swedish) is a neo-futurist residential skyscraper in Sweden and the tallest building in Scandinavia. Located in Malmö on the Swedish side of the Öresund strait, it was built and is owned by the Swedish cooperative association HSB. It is regarded as the first twisted skyscraper in the world.

Turning Torso is based on a sculpture by Calatrava, also called Twisting Torso, a white marble piece based on the form of a twisting human being.

Construction started in the summer of 2001. One reason for building Turning Torso was to re-establish a recognizable skyline for Malmö since the removal in 2002 of the Kockums Crane, which was located less than one kilometer (0.6 mi) from Turning Torso. The local politicians deemed it important for the inhabitants to have a new symbol for Malmö in lieu of the crane that had been used for shipbuilding and somewhat symbolized the city’s blue-collar roots.

It was designed by Spanish architect, structural engineer, sculptor, and painter Santiago Calatrava and officially opened on 27 August 2005. It reaches a height of 190 m with 54 stories and 147 apartments. Turning Torso won the 2005 Gold Emporis Skyscraper Award; and in 2015, the 10 Year Award from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

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