Wunderland Kalkar is an amusement park in Kalkar, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is built on the former site of SNR-300, a nuclear power plant that never went online because of construction problems and protests. The park was constructed by Dutch entrepreneur Hennie van der Most, who purchased the site for a rumored price of US$3 million. Wunderland Kalkar receives around 600,000 visitors each year.

The reactor was designed to use plutonium as fuel and be cooled by sodium. These types of reactors, however, have a much higher potential for disaster compared to conventional reactors. The neighbors became a bit concerned, and the highly controversial construction was continually delayed.

When the reactor was finally completed, at great expense, the authorities decided not to put it into operation. Besides concern from the community, the reactor would have left the building contaminated and unusable, becoming both a political and environmental nightmare.

Since 1995 the unused power plant has been progressively turned into a theme park.

Many of the facilities constructed for the plant have been integrated into the park and its attractions, including the cooling tower, which features a swing ride and a climbing wall. The park also features four restaurants, eight bars, and six hotels.

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