A radio station created history by introducing the first DJ powered by artificial intelligence, which blurs the lines between the past and present as AI technology enters the radio industry.

It was revealed that Portland, Oregon-based KBFF Live 95.5 FM, owned by Alpha Media, would be using RadioGPT software from Futuri Media to broadcast an artificial intelligence (AI) or synthetic version of its host, Ashley Elzinga.

According to Phil Becker, EVP of Content at Alpha Media, the radio station will “be more agile than ever” with the addition of AI.

“Radio GPT allows us to showcase our content creators in more instances, with more frequency, and curate more timely, topical, and robust information for Alpha audiences and clients than previously possible,” said Becker.

The station posted a tweet on Tuesday showing Elzinga sharing the new AI host with her listeners. The AI is audibly heard in the video playing back her comments as though they were a straightforward recording.

“I guess I have the day off,” Elzinga jokes.

In another video, a caller is heard being informed by AI Ashley that they have won tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. The AI voice has a conversational, laid-back tone that uncannily resembles the host it was modeled after.

According to Fox Business, the station maintains that Elzinga will continue to be paid at her current rate and will not be taking the place of the real Ashley, allaying some local DJs’ concerns.

While speaking to TechCrunch, Becker said that RadioGPT is a tool designed especially for the use of radio hosts.

Alpha Media also informed listeners that the would be able to hear AI Ashley by tuning in to Live 95.5 from any smart speaker location from 10 am to 3 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).

According to thenews.com.pk. Source of photos: internet