The 180m-diameter “Seoul Twin Eye” takes the form of two intersecting rings with revolving tracks. Each of its 64 capsules will be able to carry 25 people, allowing for 1,400 thrill seekers to ride at once. By comparison, the London Eye can carry a maximum of 800 people. Its spokeless design means that the pods will move using a track-based system that pulls them around the inside and outside of the rings, rather than the entire wheel itself spinning like a traditional Ferris wheel.

Source: UNStudio

It’s designed by Dutch architect UNStudio, the UK’s Arup, and South Korean company Heerim Architects. UNStudio said it would be built on the roof of a 40m-high mixed-use tower on the bank of the Han River next to the Sangam World Cup Park. That means riders will be able to see across the city from a height of 220m.

The design is inspired by the Honcheonsigye, an astronomical clock that represents the movement of celestial objects through time.

The Seoul Twin Eye appears to be an evolution of the Seoul Ring project announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government last year. Construction is due to begin in 2025, with completion expected in 2028.

According to the globalconstructionreview, newatlas