The world’s first 3D-printed water taxi was on display at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show. The vessel is also the Largest 3D Printed Boat and according to the companies is “a giant leap toward sustainable transportation.”

Source: Al Seer Marine

The record shows that the vessel is 119m in length and 3.7m wide. It is 6.4 tons and powered by two 15 kW electric thrusters. It has a catamaran hull and bench seating plus a foldout boarding ramp at each end.

The vessel was “printed” as part of a partnership between Al Seer Marine and Abu Dhabi Maritime, part of the AD Ports Group, which focuses on sustainable transportation. They also plan to use eco-drive systems to enhance the sustainability of the efforts further. Al Seer launched its additive manufacturing business unit in January 2022 to leverage the latest additive manufacturing technologies for the company’s in-house manufacturing of unmanned vessels and vehicles.

The hull for the water taxi reportedly took 11 days to produce. The vessel is crafted of 67 percent recycled materials.

According to the maritime-executive