About 20 years ago, the Egyptian government held an international competition for the design of a new museum near the pyramids of Giza. Now, after decades of planning, one of the longest-awaited and most highly anticipated institutions in the world is getting ready for its christening.

The Great Egyptian Museum (GEM) has announced it will finally open its doors in 2023, and when it debuts, the complex will be home to the largest, most complex collection of ancient treasures and artifacts in the world. Designed by Dublin-based Heneghan Peng Architects, the striking new institution is located outside of Cairo, and perhaps the only thing more impressive than its offerings is its scale. The structure clocks in at over 5.2 million square feet. Once the museum is up and running, it is expected to welcome around 15,000 visitors per day, a whopping five million guests a year.

GEM is planned to host more than 100,000 antiquities that date back from prehistoric times to Greece in the Roman era including the whole catalog of relics from pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb – composed of 5,000 objects.

The museum will house also an exhibition space, a library, an education center, and a children’s museum.

According to yahoonews