UPS submitted the applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on April 5. The applications cover a plethora of virtual and NFT goods and services.

If more people are planning to spend more time in the metaverse, they will need their deliveries there. Specifically, UPS seeks to offer NFTs and crypto-collectibles, NFT-backed multimedia, virtual retail shipping and delivery, Virtual clothing, packages, vehicles, airplanes, and sports collectibles, marketplaces for digital goods and NFT-backed media, and retail stores featuring virtual goods.

After Facebook rebranded to Meta and announced its metaverse ambitions, established companies like Samsung and Disney quickly joined the space. Since then, the metaverse frenzy has not cooled down, and mainstream companies are increasingly forming strategies to fit NFTs and metaverse into their operations.

The Metaverse hype is growing by the day, and companies are treating it as a marketing strategy, but whether or not it will be a long-term success is yet to be known since the space is still in its early stages.

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