A very special Easter egg that’s bigger than three giraffes standing on top of each other is sure to be a big tourist attraction in Brazil this weekend.

In various cultures and countries around the world, the art of painting and adorning eggs has become a cherished tradition, symbolizing the joy and festivity associated with Easter.

This year, the people of Pomerode in Brazil took that tradition to new heights by creating the largest decorated Easter egg ever for their annual festival.

On 18 February 2023, the Associação Visite Pomerode in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil, unveiled the record-breaking egg that measures at an impressive 16.72 m (54 ft 10 in) tall and 10.88 m (35 ft 8 in) in diameter.

Pomerode, a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina, in the south of the country, is known as the most German city in Brazil. 

Most of Pomerode’s inhabitants are descendants of German immigrants and are bilingual in German and Portuguese.

Pomerode is also well known for its annual Easter festival: the “Osterfest”, one of the biggest Easter celebrations in Latin America.

The new world’s largest decorated Easter egg has been one of the main attractions of this year’s Osterfest, which kicked off on 16 February and runs until 9 April 2023.

The design was created by Joana Wachholz, a local artist, and an entire team was needed to assemble the egg, which was constructed using an iron structure for the interior and fiberglass panels for the exterior.

According to guinessworldrecord. Source of photos: internet