The opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing was on Friday night.

The supersized ground screen, together with a 10-meter-high vertical screen, presented many memorable moments during the ceremony through the comprehensive application of AI (artificial intelligence), 5G, AR (augmented reality) and naked-eye 3D technologies.


The most exciting moment was probably when the Olympic Rings were “carved out” of a three-dimensional cube shaped like a block of ice.

At another point in the ceremony, kids sang and danced across the arena, while stars appeared on the LED screen beneath their feet.

Since it also served as the main stage, on which the entire performance and the Parade of Nations took place, it had to be wear-resistant, water-proof, electrically safe and able to sustain heavy weights.

What was more challenging, as the stadium is open-air, the ground screen had to be able to withstand the freezing temperature of Beijing’s winter, as well as weather like rain and snow.

In order to address all the challenges, technicians from CALT built a special protective layer for the ground screen.

Thanks to the screen, as well as all the innovative ideas and high technologies, the two-hour ceremony featured only around 3,000 performers, compared with 15,000 during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

According to news.cgtn