Located in the heartland of Northeast Asia, Harbin enjoys superior natural conditions, special urban history, and unique ice and snow culture. It is an international metropolis where different cultures meet and interact. People here live in harmony and learn from each other and have created a diversified ice and snow culture that is inclusive and harmonious.

The city’s ice and snow culture traces back 60 years ago, and today, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is the largest and most extraordinary of its kind in the world.

Main tourist attractions of the festival include the Ice Lantern Art Fair in Zhaolin Park, Ice and Snow World, Sun Island, Yabuli Ski Resort, Ice and Snow Carnival, Sunac Snow Park, Volga Manor, and Polar Park, etc.

This winter, Harbin’s ice, and snow festival focus on three chapters, namely “Meet in the Ice City”, “Ice and Snow Songs” and “Charm of Spring Snow”, with the theme of “Celebrating 60 years of ice and snow culture towards a new future”. The festival lasts for almost five months from early December to the middle of April next year and involves eight major parts of more than 100 key activities.

After the 2022 Winter Olympics, Harbin works to fulfill China’s commitment to “engage 300 million people in ice and snow activities” and has announced the goal of building an “international city of ice and snow sports events” in its government work report. The city is ready to embrace a brighter future for its ice and snow culture.

The world’s largest ice and snow festival will start on December 23, 2022.

According to yahoo/traveldailymedia