The menorah is a seven-branched candelabrum that is described in the Hebrew Bible as having been used in the Tabernacle and in the Temple in Jerusalem. Since antiquity, it has served as a symbol of the Jewish people and Judaism in both the Land of Israel and the Diaspora.

Oil kept the menorah lit in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem for eight days. It was a miracle because it was only expected to last for one.

“We’re lighting this menorah and all menorahs with the light to dispel the darkness of antisemitism and to usher in a world of goodness and kindness,” said Rabbi Shmuel Butman, from Lubavitch Youth Organization.

Another special menorah also shines. A steel beam from the Twin Towners is part of a menorah rededicated at the Oculus.

It was sponsored by Jewish employees of the Port Authority and designed by the Berkowicz family, the original creators of the menorahs that stood at the Twin Towers. This one is meant to be a symbol of resilience.

The celebrations carried added significance this year as Jewish communities worldwide marked the year of Hakhel, a tradition held once every seven years that sees Jewish gatherings focused on unity and Torah learning and practice.

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