There were four simple briefs that Reliance wanted — “safe, swift, state-of-the-art and elegant” — Managing Director, Gossain explained. He said “Reliance was clear on the fact that safety was important. It had also said that the flow of people shouldn’t stop and, lastly, it had to be elegant.”

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The 5-stop and 16-tonne elevator installed at Jio World Centre (JWC), BKC, Mumbai is spread over 25.78 square metres and is tested with high-quality and built-in safety aspects. To put it into context, the average size of a one-bedroom flat in Mumbai is about 30 square meters.

While the world’s first passenger service elevator was installed in a five-story hotel on Broadway in New York in 1857, India got its first elevator almost 40 years later at the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata in 1892. Now, almost 222 years later, India has the world’s biggest passenger elevator. 

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