Umm Al Seneem Park, which spans over 130,000 square meters, is a component of a ministry initiative to enhance Qatar’s quality of life by expanding its green space.


The 1,143-meter-long air-conditioned jogging trails, which maintain temperatures at 26 degrees Celsius, are intended to motivate visitors to exercise throughout the harsh summer season in an effort to improve their health and fitness.

The air conditioning technology relies on solar panels to generate 60% of the electricity needed to run the air conditioners. This lowers electricity use while maintaining temperatures.

The Umm Al Seneempark has a number of significant amenities, including a fitness box that lets guests work out while watching a trainer demonstrate exercises on a screen.

There are also two kid-friendly play areas at the park, one for kids aged 2 to 5 and the other for kids aged 6 to 12, both of which have special needs-friendly games.

There are also seven service kiosks, including six for food and beverages, one kiosk for renting bicycles, and bicycle parking. The park can hold roughly 6,000 guests each day.

Its green spaces make up 68% of its overall surface and there is a total 912 trees of 18 varieties, including 75 native trees and 820 square metres of long green walls around the park.

According to dohanews