The 9.9-m-tall building was 3D printed in just 26 days using a 3D construction printer from Denmark-based Cobod International.

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The villa, the first 3D-printed building from Dar Al Arkan, is fully compliant with the building codes, making it a bright example of how technology and innovation can work hand in hand with safety and regulation, said the statement from the Saudi developer. The villa features several smart home features and the use of new materials.

Low-cost local materials were used to create the 3D printable concrete, with which all the walls of the 330 sq m building were printed.

The building was made without the use of a tent just after the summer in a hot desert where temperatures run as high as more than 40 degrees, it added.

Dar Al Arkan said the project was executed using local materials and the D.fab solution developed by Cemex and Cobod.

This solution allows its customers to use 99% local and inexpensive materials, while only relying on 1% sourced from a central location.

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