Blue Mountain Institute, formerly known as Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute, was established to transmit the knowledge of how to work with Natural Laws and Chi。 Natural Laws are regarded as the highest guidance of all aspects of human endeavors and Chi is the very essence of the universe. Blue Mountain Institute originally focused on environmental design, transmitting these teachings of Feng Shui, in particular traditional Form School Feng Shui.

Dr. Hsu is the founder of Blue Mountain Institute. He was born and raised in Taiwan, in a family with a tradition of working with natural energy, and with a strong connection to traditional Chinese philosophy. Dr. Hsu was guided by his father and other masters, from childhood on, in all aspects of disciplines that involve the development and exploration of chi energy (life force).

In the 1980s he began teaching Feng Shui at the University Washington Experimental College, and then at what was Bellevue Community College (now Bellevue College), and Edmunds Community College. He also lectured at the Whole System Design College of Antioch University in Seattle. As his work became better known, he was invited to give lectures in interior design and architecture in countries ranging from Asia to Europe and South America. In 1990 Dr. Hsu founded the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute to promote a broad, deep and more accurate understanding of Feng Shui.

Since its founding, the Institute has gradually expanded beyond environmental design, to include health and personal growth.  Health is now a more urgent universal concern.  The MindBodyChi Health Workshops presented by Dr. Hsu, is based on the ancient Eastern wisdom of self-healing.  The program follows natural principles of being simple and easy, and can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Institute offers classes in traditional Feng Shui, energy work, and Natural Principles. These classes are valuable for people interested in enriching their lives, as well as for those interested in becoming certified as professional Feng Shui consultants. Workshops offered by the Institute include over 20 unique areas of concern and provide comprehensive Feng Shui training.

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