According to the newest announcement of the Management Committee of World Records Union – WorldKings, on February 22nd of 2022, Celestial Sphere of Records – SPHERE.6 have officially become 23rd member of World Records Union – WorldKings.

As the pioneering BLOCKCHAIN/NFT project of the World Recorder community, Celestial Sphere of Records – SPHERE.6 is a place to for Record holders community to settle by the creative and record values forever with time. With those meanings, such values will live forever in the heart of the Sphere. The Celestial Sphere of Records will help the Recording community around the world build a space of creativity that surpasses all limits, to write and realize dreams, and to be able to carry out projects in real life as well as in digital space. At SPHERE.6, creativity is always recognized and honored.

SPHERE.6 is a project co-founded by 3 organizations including Vietnam Records Organization, USA Records Organization and Indian Book of Records backed by the World Records Union (WorldKings) and the World Records Institute (WorldMark).

SPHERE.6 is a new universe where residents are not restricted by border and distance. Record holders can combine many aspects of digital and real life including work, communication social media and entertainment. The system will give rise to declarations and regulations for residents to understand the rules and how to participate. Blockchain technology will play an important role to provide digital ownership, identity and economic creation.

SPHERE.6 is a digital space of online and offline experiences, continuity, digital ownership and identity autonomy in accordance with the four basic properties of a Metaverse. The project will be built and formulated through multiple stages to gradually build a community of World Record holders with works and projects drafted by the Record holders themselves, and designed by architects within the plan of the Sphere. Furthermore, there are Digital Record Ecosystems about the values of the Recorder community across the five continents that have been gradually built up such as the Record Content Museum, Record Island, and the Record Interactive Architectural Art Institute and Memorial Spaces, etc.

As an official member of the WorldKings, the Celestial Sphere of Records – SPHERE.6 is entitled to the following benefits:

– Celestial Sphere of Records – SPHERE.6 has rights to post informations and images of WorldKings on SPHERE.6’s website.

– Celestial Sphere of Records – SPHERE.6 is permitted to use and consult database of WorldKings.

– Celestial Sphere of Records – SPHERE.6 is authorized to participate in events of WorldKings in the world


List of 23 official members of WorldKings :

1. World Creativity Science Academy – WCSA

2.Vietnam Records Organization – VietKings

3. Nepal Book of Records – NBR

4. Thailand Book of Records – TBR

5. National Register of Records – NRR

6. Global Education Record Holder – GWRH

7. India Book of Records – IBR

8. World Records University – WRU

9. Bangladesh Book of Records – BBR

10. Global Union of Managers – GUM

11. Global Vietnamese Record Organization – Vietworld

12. International World Record Holder Association – IWRHA

13. USA Records Organization – USKings

14. Asia Book of Records – ABR

15. Cambodia Book of Records – CBR

16. Indonesia Book of Records – MURI

17. World Science Academy of Record – WSAR

18. Indochina Book of Records – IndochinaKings

19. ASEAN Book of Records

20. Laos Book of Records – LBR

21. World Record Association – WRA

22. World Record Content Academy – WRCA

23. Celestial Sphere of Records – SPHERE.6