The train, developed by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles, successfully operated at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour while fully loaded, achieving comprehensive system, scenario and multi-level performance verification, marking a breakthrough in the application of hydrogen energy in the field of rail transportation.

Source: chinadaily

Unlike traditional trains that rely on fossil fuels or obtain electrical power from overhead lines, the hydrogen-powered train is equipped with a hydrogen energy propulsion system, which provides a strong and lasting power source.

Test data indicates that the train’s average energy consumption per kilometer is 5 kilowatt-hours, meeting all the design requirements and reaching an internationally leading level, the company said. Its driving range can exceed 1,000 km.

Following the completion of tests for durability, high and low temperatures, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility and fire safety tests for the hydrogen power system, the company tested the vehicle at different speeds, verifying for the first time the performance of the hydrogen-powered train in temperatures ranging from minus 25 C to 35 C.

The trial operation represents a significant milestone for hydrogen energy technology application in China’s rail transit industry.

It will further promote the achievement of key technology independence and controllability in high-end transportation equipment, providing technological support for accelerating the formation of new quality productive forces in China’s transportation equipment sector.

According to the chinadaily