A pair of daredevils broke the World Record for the longest slackline walk over an active volcano. Rafael Bridi of Brazil and Alexander Schulz, walked 856 feet across a slack line suspended 137 feet over Mount Yasur, a stratovolcano in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu.
Towering over Tanna Island, the volcano stands 361 metres (1184 feet) high above sea level and has been erupting non-stop since at least 1774.
While slacklining is similar to walking on a tightrope, it typically uses a cable or polyester belt instead of a rope. Moreover, any motion that a slackline walker puts has an influence on the entire line and causes it to sway and shake.
This is the reason one of the participants even appears to fall off the rope towards the colossal fiery pit.
Bridi also holds the World Record for the highest slackline walk – a title he achieved after walking a 59-foot-line suspended between two hot air balloons floating 6,236 feet over Santa Catarina in Brazil.
“The feeling of floating and freedom has always been one of the biggest motivations for my highline practice,” the Brazilian said “and nothing can bring this sensation so vividly as a crossing between balloons where both points are in constant motion.”
Another record-shattering swashbuckler, Nathan Paulin, walked a distance of 7,218 feet over Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO world heritage site located in France, in his bid for a record.
According to timesnownews.com. Source of photo: internet