CEO Peter McNally was surprised when his diamond mining company India Bore found an extremely rare diamond caged diamond in the Australian province of Ellendale.

The 0.85 carat diamond has an additional smaller diamond inside. It is estimated that this diamond may have formed 1,400 million years ago.

This could be one of the very few diamond-in-diamond diamonds in the world, which is sought after by collectors, Mr. McNally said.

“At first we thought it was a stone or something inside the diamond,” Mr McNally admitted.

In 2019, Russian mining company Alrosa found a similar diamond consisting of a 0.62 carat diamond enclosing a 0.02 carat inside. They call this diamond Matryoshka – the name of the famous Russian nesting doll.

What makes his company’s discovery all the more exciting is that both diamonds have a rare purple color when exposed to ultraviolet light, Mr. McNally said.

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