Chapman’s Peak Drive winds from the fishing village of Hout Bay, runs along the rocky shores of Chapman Peak, and ends at the outskirts of Noordhoek.

‘Chappies’ is the local parlance of Chapman’s Peak Drive. The road is considered a great feat of engineering. There are many areas along the route where you can stop and take in the beautiful views or sit down for a relaxing picnic.

Chapman’s Peak Drive has stunning views. After each bend, rounding the cliffs, visitors will surely be overwhelmed by the magnificence of nature. With 114 spectacular turns, this route will offer a panoramic view with one side of the towering cliffs, and the other side is the immense Atlantic Ocean.


Along the way, there are a number of stops for visitors to rest or camp. It is also here that you can save yourself many photos for a lifetime with perfect scenery.

Hout Bay is known as the heart of the Cape of Good Hope. With its unspoiled beauty, Hout Bay has white sands and visitors can see many species of wildlife with their own eyes. In addition, water sports activities are also loved by many tourists. Mariner’s Wharf can help visitors experience the bustling working life of a harbor. Nearby, restaurants with natural views and delicious food are also the appeal of this bay.

Unspoiled Noordhoek is the perfect place to de-stress and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This place is famous for many horse farms raised by indigenous people. Horseback riding right on the beach is a popular activity here.

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