The Grimsel Pass is a mountain pass in Switzerland, crossing the Bernese Alps at an elevation of 2,164 meters. The pass connects the Haslital, the upper valley of the river Aare, with the upper valley of the Rhône. The Grimsel Pass has been used as a trade route since the Roman era. It was also an important military route and was the scene of several battles during the Napoleonic Wars. Today, the Grimsel Pass is a popular tourist destination, offering stunning scenery, hiking trails, and various attractions.

Grimselsee and Oberaarsee reservoir lakes are the best highlights along the route. These two lakes are some of the most beautiful in Switzerland and offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The lakes are known for their crystal-clear water and the picturesque backdrop of the Swiss Alps. On a clear day, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Grimsel Hospice is the most famous spot in the pass. The hotel and restaurant are located near the top of a towering peninsula inside the artificial Lake Grimselsee. Thanks to power plants and the artificial water reservoirs it was also the first electrically heated hotel in Europe. Today it is a hotel historic hotel with modern rooms and good honest Swiss food at the restaurant. The right place to enjoy an authentic Swiss lunch or even stay overnight. To reach the Grimsel Hospice you will have to drive over the walls of a dam. That alone is a driving adventure and worth the stop.

One of the largest dams in Switzerland, the Grimsel Dam is an impressive sight to behold. It is used to generate hydroelectric power. The dam is also a popular tourist destination, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Visitors can take a tour of the dam and learn about its construction and operation.

The most popular gorge in Switzerland is the 1.4 km long Aare Gorge. It stretches from the Grimsel Pass to Lake Brienz. The limestone chasm formed 10,000 years ago was created by the water of the melting glaciers. Visitors can walk through the gorge on a series of bridges and walkways, and experience the power of the river up close.

The Grimsel Pass is typically open from late May to early November, but it can be closed due to snow and ice conditions. It is important to check the road conditions before driving over the pass. The Grimsel Pass is a beautiful and unique place that offers visitors a chance to experience the Swiss Alps at its finest.


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