The town of Dundurn has 670 people, yet 1,187 people gathered on Canada Day to put on dinosaur costumes. Dundurn Dino Day, organized by Big Murs Tavern, tripled the former record of 380 set in Portland, Oregon in 2022.

Streets were blocked off from vehicles while attendees rode in from the outskirts of town on a shuttle bus. Busses from Regina and Saskatoon brought others, though some present were from as far away as Whitehorse and Wales. Purple Hen Productions made a mockumentary of the dinosaurs’ migration patterns to their mating grounds in the town.

On the tavern’s Facebook group page, a video of Sherry Richards accompanied the following ode to the special day.

“Finally, finally, a day just to be a Canadian. After three hard years of division, segregation, labelling, discrimination and people fighting to be heard and recognized, a day came when none of that mattered. Finally, a day that was about everyone’s right to just feel joy. I think the dinosaur turnout in Dundurn, Saskatchewan, was just about that joy. The event allowed every single person to be the same, and there’s such freedom in that. 

Participants and observers took to social media to express how much they enjoyed the event, despite how hot the costume got.

Kari-Lynn Bezooyen said, “This was truly amazing to be a part of” and “a really great idea” although she was “all soggy and sweaty inside my costume.”

Sandra Froess of Humboldt, Sask, wrote, “I roasted like a pig in a blanket in my dino suit, but yet somehow seemed to enjoy absolutely every minute of it. You simply cannot be thanked enough for hosting this event!”

In the lead-up to the event, tavern owner and organizer Gary Grady told CTV, there’s no way not to smile when you see people in a dinosaur costume.

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