Thales, a global leader of technology, is moving forward air traffic monitoring and safety in Chile with a revolutionary new radar station that is 100% powered by sustainable solar energy.

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The radar station features an advanced Star Next Generation (NG) primary radar as well as a Radar Service Message (RSM) secondary radar. Together, these radars offer all the operational surveillance requirements for both civil and military air traffic control (ATC). They are designed to identify both slow and fast-moving targets, such as helicopters, commercial planes and jets.

Besides solar panels, the radar station also has a comprehensive power management system with advanced battery technology and backup generators to safeguard it and secure the operations in the case of power outages or restricted availability of regular sources.

Innovation in terms of alternative and greener electricity generation is a solution that consists not only of a set of solar panels, but an efficient and comprehensive electricity management system that can be used at various sites. Advanced battery technology, as well as back-up generators are put in place to secure the overall operation of the radar station and protect it against power loss or limited availability of regular sources.

According to airport-technology