A French wine connoisseur with one of the greatest collections of rare and prestigious vintages in the world is offering a taste for £7,50.

Michel-Jack Chasseuil, 82, has amassed an incredible 40,000 bottles over his lifetime – worth an estimated 50 million Euros.

His wine cellar, based in La Chapelle-Bâton, western France, is home to hundreds of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, Chateau Ausone and Château Lafite.

It also houses rare gems including an 1805 champagne which previously belonged to Napoleon, a Frapin Cognac from 1893 and one of the first bottles of Louis XIII Remy Martin, dated 1900.

Eight bottles will be opened for the once-in-a-lifetime wine tasting although he has not yet confirmed which they will be.

Mr Chasseuil is auctioning ten seats at his table at a Tokyo hotel in December – which will start at 10,000 euros a ticket.

Michel-Jack Chasseuil poses with Jeroboams of Petrus and Romanee Conti in his wine cellar. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

But the wine lover said the hefty price tag was a bargain for a place at the ‘best wine tasting ever’, reported The Times.

He wants to use the money to create a museum for his collection in France.

Mr Chasseuil has been working to create a ‘Louvre of wine’ to showcase some of his treasures since 2010.

After failing to get backing from France’s ministries of culture and agriculture, he is hoping to complete the ambitious project with funding from his wine tasting.

‘Wine is the expertise of France,’ he told Le Revue de Vin.

‘It is a showcase with a set design, a beautiful museum.. Can you imagine that in Paris? It would be wonderful.’

He hopes a museum will keep the collection in France but says he has been offered millions to sell by foreign investors.

‘China offered me 50 million to install it in the Imperial City in Beijing,’ he claimed, while he said a Russian priest had proposed to create a ‘wine gallery.’

‘I want this heritage remains in France, while all other collectors selling their vintage wines to rich foreigners. But if this continues, I will do as (Gerard) Depardieu did and go to Moscow. ‘

Michel-Jack Chasseuil, collector of rare wines, poses with a magnum of Chateau Petrus (R) and a classic bottle of Chateau Petrus, on January 9, 2012, in the cellar of his house in La Chapelle-Bâton, western France. Michel-Jack Chasseuil is seeking funds to create a museum to display his collection of 40.000 bottles, considered as the most beautiful fine wines cellar in the world. AFP PHOTO / NICOLAS TUCAT (Photo credit should read NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP/Getty Images)

Last June, Mr Chasseuil nearly lost his beloved collection after he was jumped by a gang of armed, masked men.

The group attempted to force him to open his cellar, which has a reinforced security door.

He suffered a broken finger in the attack but after two hours he said his assailants had fled with fifteen cases of ‘second class’ wine.