Beautiful Corfu owns the sea with the presence of magical nature, pristine sea, and islands with colorful paintings from white sand, golden sunshine, thrilling caves, and famous landscapes.

According to Greek mythology, Corfu was the place where the hero Hercules was seduced by the river fairy Naiad. This is where the hero Odyssey in the epic Homer stops after conquering Troy. According to another epic, Poseidon fell in love with the beautiful goddess Korkyra, daughter of Asopus and the river goddess Metope. Poseidon kidnapped and brought Korkyra to a deserted island and had a happy marriage with her.

Corfu is a very popular island for its beautiful beaches with water sports centers offering a wide range of games and activities for all ages and interests. Water sports in Corfu vary from windsurfing, and scuba diving to jet skiing. They are found in popular resorts, such as Kavos, Dassia, Sidari, Agios Stefanos, and Kalami.

In the town of Corfu, the capital of the island, visitors will admire the glorious past reflected in majestic and noble castles, beautiful museums, and charming squares. The Old Quarter is a definite must-visit. Many shops in the street sell local jewelry, leather goods, ceramics, and olive wood objects, as well as other touristic goods. These tourist shops are open all day long until late at night, every day of the week.

Corfu Greece is famous for its cuisine. Local culinary specialties include sofrito (a veal rump roast of Venetian origin), pastitsáda (bucatini pasta served with diced veal cooked in a tomato sauce), bourdétto (cod cooked in a peppery sauce), mándoles (caramelized almonds), pastéli (honey bars made with sesame, almonds or pistachios), mandoláto (a “pastéli” made of crushed almonds, sugar, honey, and vanilla), and tzitzibíra, the local ginger beer, a remnant of the British era.

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