With a circumference of about 4km, this small island was once erased from the map because it was home to active toxic gas factories. At that time, the entire island was used by the Japanese military for the purpose of producing toxic gas from 1928 to 1945. Today, many tourists come to the island to explore the abandoned buildings and the remains of the houses, toxic gas depots, barracks, and power plants. Okunoshima is like a mysterious new world waiting for you to come and explore.

Nowadays, Okunoshima is like a cute zoo. There are a lot of rabbits living there. They are all wild rabbits and live off the food that tourists bring to the island. Despite being a rodent with an unlimited appetite, the rabbit here is very docile, gentle, and almost harmless to visitors. You can feed them, cuddle them to take pictures, or play all day without them feeling bothered or annoyed.

In addition to the cute rabbits, the largest abandoned construction on the island is the old thermal power plant. This is a rather dangerous area due to degraded construction. That’s why visitors are not allowed inside. However, you can walk to and visit the front of the building. With a strange and unique atmosphere, this building will give you a deep sense of history.

For more access to history, visitors can visit the toxic gas museum. Documents from the past are still on display here, helping visitors learn about the production of toxic gases and feel the brutality of war while emphasizing the importance of peace.

On the island, there are campsites and you can immerse yourself in nature in the midst of a dreamy coastline stretching in front of your eyes. If you go with friends or family, you will surely have wonderful and fun memories. There is also a campfire spot so you can have a special evening around the campfire with your loved ones.


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