The small town of Castellfollit de la Roca is one of the most beautiful and quaint towns of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. This town has long attracted tourists by its cliffside location with an area of less than 1 km2 and located at an altitude of 50m.

This small and beautiful village is perched precariously on a basalt cliff and is surrounded by the confluence of two poetic rivers Fluvia – Toronell. For generations, people living in the village have used volcanic rocks to build houses. There was only a single small passageway separating the multi-storey buildings throughout the town. The town’s compact buildings are so precarious that it feels like they could be submerged into the Fluvia and Toronell rivers below.

Castellollit de la Roca dates back to the Middle Ages. It also preserves the squares and narrow, dark streets. The houses here are mostly made of volcanic rock. At the end of the cliff is Josep Pla Square, from which one can see a spectacular panorama.

In the old days, the position on top of a cliff of Castellollit de la Roca was considered a strategic advantage. The hostile invaders cannot surprise the inhabitants of this town. Today, the city walls that protected Castellollit de la Roca in previous centuries still stand.

One of the village’s most prominent features is the 13th-century old church of St. Sant Salvador. The old church is located atop the Castellollit de la Roca. This place is used by people as a place of worship and worship. This place has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

Of course, Castellollit de la Roca is also somewhat modern. It is the swimming pool, the entertainment gathering point of the villagers. There is also a Poch’s Microbrewery craft brewery that produces beers including draft, stout and fruit ales.