Referring to Italian tourism, people immediately think of the romantic city of Venice. Few people know next to Venice is a unique beauty with colorful houses like in fairy tales. The beautiful island of Burano is definitely the perfect choice for those who are passionate about architecture and painting. Burano has a long line of colorful houses like a blooming rainbow. Between the two blocks is a small canal with clear water.

Coming to Burano, you will first see the striking colors painted on the outside of the houses, but the small window frames are different colors, and especially the houses here are decorated with flower pots adorning the windowsill. Along the small canals around the island are boats and canoes that are also painted in vibrant colors with the color of the owner’s house, making the picture of the island more poetic. Even the cranes and benches are brightly painted.

The famous occupation associated with Burano Island is fishing. This profession also explains the vibrant colors of the houses on the island. According to the fishermen, decorating their houses with vibrant colors makes it easier for them to find their homes after returning from the sea. Vibrant, bright colors also help them feel more optimistic in life.

Coming to Burano, most visitors will be introduced to the famous traditional embroidery craft, dating back to the 16th century. In ancient times, Burano lace was a high-class product loved by the nobility and the upper class. Restaurants on the island of Burano are quite modest in number but neatly arranged with typical Italian images such as spaghetti noodles and pizza.

Peaceful Burano is likened to a miniature version of Venice with many canals running along and across the street, without feeling cramped or crowded. The busier Venice is, the more peaceful and quiet Burano is.

According to the Internet