The Cordner–Eggleston Cup is a retrospective award commemorating the historic school football rivalry between Melbourne Grammar School and Scotch College which has been contested since 1858. Competition between these schools is believed to have been pivotal in the establishment of Australian rules football.

The cup, instituted in 1989 was named after prominent alumni from the respective schools – Dr Don Cordner (Melbourne Grammar) and Mr Michael Eggleston (Scotch College). Prior to the award, the two schools competed for honors and were recorded in the yearbooks and other sports logbooks of the respective schools. Other prominent schools at times also competed in prestigious tournaments since the 1860s, including Geelong Grammar School.

The first football fixture was played under experimental rules on 7 August 1858 at Yarra Park, Melbourne giving the Cup a claim to being the longest continuously running football competition in the world. It is also of cultural importance to Australia, as it is the best-documented early football match in Australia and is believed by many historians to have played a key role in the Origins of Australian football. The first match is commemorated by a bronze statue depicting the game outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Considered to have been the first ever game of Australian Rules Football, the first match was played over three days and resulted in a draw.

The 150th anniversary of the cup was celebrated by the match being played at the MCG, where most notable football matches are played, including the Grand Final of the Australian Football League, the senior competition of Australian Rules.

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