Oaxaca is the historic home of the Zapotec and Mixtec peoples and is inhabited by more native speakers than any other region of Mexico. The city is famous for its many majestic mountains, a history of hundreds of years of formation and development, and rich cuisine.

Oaxaca has a climate that varies with altitude and beautiful nature. Hierve de Agua waterfall is the most unique petrified waterfall in the world. This waterfall has a solid flow and this is actually a natural phenomenon caused by the dissolution of calcium carbonate and other minerals in the spring water. Besides, you will admire the majestic mountain scenery, and immerse yourself in extremely beautiful nature.

Oaxaca was the center of pre-Hispanic culture and intersected with modern-day culture. Zocalo Square is located in the center of the city and is a symbol of the city, and this is an ideal place for locals and tourists to play. Oaxaca Cathedral dates back to the 16th century, but it took 200 years to complete. The church owns ancient architecture with many sophisticated and eye-catching carved patterns. The Oaxaca Cultural Museum displays a lot of valuable antiques, especially one of the most expensive artifacts here is a skull made of rare pearls.

After visiting the beauty of Oaxaca, you can visit the local markets to immerse yourself in the rhythm of life of the people here. The markets are busy and crowded with many sophisticated handcrafted groceries, colorful traditional costumes, or delicious and attractive specialty goods.

Oaxaca cuisine also has a unique, rich flavor. The cuisine of this city is a mixture of many countries such as Spain, Arabia, and Asia. Famous specialties that visitors should try are Mole Negro, Tamales, Quesillo, or Tashuda. In addition, there are some unique insect dishes that challenge the courage of visitors.

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