Tourists can freely enjoy relaxing days on the flat and soft white sand beaches or get lost in the vast coconut or green mangrove forests here. The lively scene becomes even more wonderful when each wave hits the sandy shore. The sound of the wind blowing and the clear water splashing will awaken your senses, blending into the beauty of nature.

Siargao is the “surfing paradise of the Philippines” with dozens of world-class surfing spots, the most famous of which is Cloud 9. The broken coral reef below the seabed brings fierce, high, thick waves and hollow tubes, challenging even professional surfers. Waves in Siargao are ideal all year round but are most perfect from mid-August to early November. Siargao Cup is also held annually in September – October, attracting thousands of participants.

In addition to surfing, clear sea water, diverse marine life and many colorful coral reefs make this place a great scuba diving destination, such as Casulian, Pilar Twin Rocks, Shark Point and Seeco Reef. Boating excursions on blue water, white sand and bright sunshine will certainly bring visitors many unforgettable experiences.

Siargao possesses an isolated terrain and does not have an international airport, so it still retains a wild and natural look that many other islands do not have. Here you can easily find yourself a quiet, secluded place to comfortably rest and relax without fear of being disturbed.

In addition to wild natural beauty and perfect service quality, Siargao also attracts tourists thanks to its unique cuisine. Seafood is of course the strength here. Barracuda and Tuna Tataki top the list of must-try dishes when coming here.

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