Bonifacio is a commune on the southern tip of the island of Corsica, in the French department of Corse-du-Sud.

Bonifacio is a real spectacle of nature: long sheer cliffs overlooking a fabulous sea offer many surprises for all travelers. Surprises such as its caves are a must-see during a vacation along the south coast of Corsica.

On the one hand, granite subsoil resists the assaults of the sea wave and allows the emergence of islands. And on the other hand, a limestone part, a softer rock than granite, which the waves and time dig tirelessly to form caves of all shapes and sizes.

There are two notable caves here. The cave of Saint Antoine is located just below the so-called gouvernail de la Corse. It is a large triangular-shaped cave on a high cliff. For its particular form, its nickname is “Napoleon’s hat”. Cave of Sdragonato means “little dragon”. On its ceiling, there is an opening that creates an evocative play of light and shadow.

The charming old fortress town of Bonifacio is perched on this limestone cliff; beneath is the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean. Thanks to its magnificent natural scenery, the town is a popular tourist attraction on the island of Corsica.


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