The pioneering scientific researches of Mr.Pham S have created a groundbreaking new technology in fruit varieties. These scientific studies aim to retain valuable genes, contribute to sustainable development, adapt to climate change, and promote international integration while producing high-value consumer and export products.

Mr.Pham S is also a scientist who has many outstanding applied scientific works, contributing to Vietnam’s high-tech agriculture in global value chain.

Mr. Pham S is the world’s first scientist who created and successfully implemented the scientific technique of selection and clonal propagation of the LD 034 avocado. 

At the 2nd Meeting of the Celestial Sphere of Records – SPHERE.6, on behalf of the World Creators Federation, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – Chairman of the World Records Union (WorldKings)  awarded Certificate of Membership and Gloden Plate to World record holder Pham S.

The Federation of World Creators, under the World Records Union (WorldKings) has acknowledged the dedication of Mr.Pham S and awarded him the Golden Plate for his creations and great contributions.