(WorldKings.org) Clean anything in only 30 seconds with the O3Waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle on-demand ozone cleaner.

This handheld bottle creates its own sanitizing solution by turning everyday tap water into aqueous ozone. It does this through a proprietary ozone diamond electrode cell that converts the water into a combination of water and ozone.

It’s effective against bacteria and yet safe to use on food and produce—ideal for small-scale applications wherever you point it. It’s great to use on kitchen counters, highly trafficked floors, masks, and kids’ toys! That’s because it turns back into oxygen and water after just a few minutes, evaporating into the air.

Furthermore, it kills 99.9% of common bacteria and pathogens in just 30. Finally, this on-demand ozone cleaner easily recharges when you plug it in, saving you money!

According to thegadgetflow