Everest & Jennings is a manufacturer of mobility and adaptive equipment. Everest & Jennings is the first company to mass-produce wheelchairs.

Everest & Jennings was founded by Herbert A. Everest and Harry C. Jennings Sr., who both were engineers. Herbert Everest was also physically disabled after surviving a mining accident in 1918. Everest complained to Jennings about the bulk of chairs available in the early 1930s, and in 1933, the pair designed and built a lightweight, collapsible model in Jennings’ garage. The design was patented in October 1937.

The pair soon went into business to manufacture their improved design. In the 1940s, they supplied disabled veterans of World War II through government contracts that established the company as a recognized name in rehabilitation equipment. By the early 1970s, Everest & Jennings International was the world’s largest supplier of wheelchairs.

The company’s innovations have helped to improve the lives of countless people with disabilities, and its commitment to accessibility has made the world a more inclusive place.

In 1996, Everest & Jennings announced the sale of the company to Graham-Field Health Products. Graham-Field continues to market wheelchairs under the Everest & Jennings name.

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