The Hainan western ring high-speed railway is a high-speed railway operated by China Railway Guangzhou Group in Hainan Province. It started operation on 30 December 2015.

The 344-km-long rail line runs along the western half of the island’s coastline, from Haikou railway station in the north to Sanya railway station. At its two endpoints, it connects with the existing Hainan eastern ring high-speed railway (opened in 2010), thus forming a high-speed railway ring, Hainan ring high-speed railway, spanning 653 km long, around the entire island, as well as the world’s first and only circular high-speed railway line.

The circular closed loop allows passengers to travel along the entire circumference of the island in approximately 3 hours at the shortest time and connects all twelve coastal cities and counties, as well as having additional stops at Haikou and Sanya airports.

On November 2015, the first test train traveled on the 344km Western ring high-speed railway and completed the 652 km circular railway loop around the island. The western ring high-speed railway became officially operational and opens to the public on December 2015.

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