Located in the South Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, China, the LIVAT Centre Beijing is Southern Beijing’s largest and most prosperous urban complex. It has a daily average passenger flow of nearly 100,000 and a peak traffic volume of 35,000 during weekends. LIVAT Centre Beijing has 7,118 parking spaces in the three-layer underground parking lot.

source: Parking

The huge passenger flow has made the LIVAT Centre Beijing a leisure landmark in the city and brought unprecedented parking pressure.

To resolve these problems, the LIVAT Centre Beijing carried out a comprehensive upgrade for the parking lot. At present, LIVAT Centre Beijing’s 16-in and 16-out lanes and 7,118 parking spaces have all adopted JIESHUN’s Smart Parking solution.

source: Parking

With more than 7,000 parking spaces in the three-layer parking lot of the shopping center, finding an unoccupied parking space and car finding were once big problems. JIESHUN configured 3,599 HD video detection terminals for the shopping center. These terminals can quickly detect the occupied space situation via video stream. Red and green lights are displayed in real-time, and the real-time parking space information highlights available stalls to guide parkers to unoccupied parking spaces quickly. With so many people in the shopping center, the terminals can also be utilized as real-time monitoring cameras in the event of any dispute, such as vehicle damage or space occupancy. The vehicle-search terminal allows parkers to locate their car easily.

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