Lithography is a planographic printmaking process in which a design is drawn onto a flat stone (or prepared metal plate, usually zinc or aluminum) and affixed by means of a chemical reaction.

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Litografia Bulla is a legendary name in the art world, holding the title of the world’s oldest surviving lithography workshop. Founded in 1818 by François Bulla in Paris, it has carried the artistic flame for over two centuries, eventually finding its permanent home in Rome in 1840. Today, it’s still run by the Bulla family, with sisters Flaminia and Beatrice representing the seventh generation at the helm.

More than just a workshop, Litografia Bulla is a cornerstone of the artistic community. For generations, it has been a haven for renowned artists to translate their visions onto stone, collaborating with the Bulla family to create breathtaking lithographs.

Beyond serving as a creative space, Litografia Bulla actively cultivates the art scene through their “Passaggi” initiative. Launched in 2020, Passaggi is a unique exhibition space housed within the historic walls of the workshop. It serves as a platform for contemporary artists to experiment with and explore the artistic possibilities of traditional lithographic techniques, fostering a vital dialogue between past and present.

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