In the year 2000, the brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun set out to build the largest model railway system in the world. After applying for a loan, they began construction in December 2000.

In December 2021 the railway consisted of 16,138 m of track in H0 scale, divided into nine sections: Harz Mountains, the fictitious town of Knuffingen, the Alps and Austria, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia, Switzerland, a replica of Hamburg Airport, Italy and South America. Of the 7,000 m2 of floor space, the model occupies 1,545 m2.

The exhibit includes 1,300 trains made up of over 10,000 carriages, over 100,000 vehicles, approx. 500,000 lights, 130,000 trees, and 400,000 human figurines. Planning is also in progress for the construction of sections for Central America and the Caribbean, Asia, England, Africa, and The Netherlands.

Special features include a simulated daily routine where twilight, night, and day repeat every 15 minutes. This includes an automatic lighting control system that activates more than 300,000 lights to match the time of day.

The Wunderland might be crowded on weekends and holidays. Miniatur Wunderland offers travel guides in English, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. On December 5, 2012, the ten-millionth visitor came to Miniatur Wunderland, on December 2, 2016, the fifteen millionths. Around three-quarters of visitors come from Germany, the remaining quarter from abroad, mainly from Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, England, the US, and China.

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