Collecting gnomes for more than 50 years, he has for himself nearly 1,800 gnome statues with the highest size of 1.2m and the smallest just the size of statues decorated on cakes. He also called his house the house of the Dwarves. He likes people to call him the Dwarf Ron, even dressing like a dwarf almost every day.

“People might say my hobby of collecting is weird, but I’ve heard of collections like bags, pads, beer rugs, etc. And as for me, I’m very fond of statues of Dwarfs.”

Statues of Dwarfs are displayed throughout his garden, they occupy a large area of his house.

Passing away in 2015, Ron Broomfield’s Dwarf Collection was auctioned off to raise money for his will. However, the Dwarf suit he often wore was not auctioned, but cremated with him.