Just a few days ago, we told you that Google had added a new collection of photos for the Memories feature on the Google Photo app. These photographs all included images of beer; beer in glasses, beer in cans, beer in bottles and more. The photos show up in a collection called “Cheers.” The latest Memories collection is named “In the spotlight” and it shows photos containing stages and crowds. So those photos you took at the Billie Eilish concert you attended (before the pandemic, of course) will probably show up.

The new addition to the Google Photos app Memories feature was spotted by AndroidPolice which noted that it can take as long as two weeks for compatible images to appear in Memories. To check out this feature, open the Google Photos app and tap on Photos at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the display, you’ll find images collected in Memories.

As we told you last week, you can customize the Memories that appear in the carousel by opening the Google Photos app. At the top right of the display, tap your profile picture or initials and go to Memories > Featured memories. You’ll be able to enable or disable the receipt of photos taken in the current week years ago, photos from recent weeks, and photos about people, places, or things.

The Memories feature on Google Photos appears to be giving users a look back at those carefree days before the pandemic when a trip to the pub wasn’t a big deal, and going to see your musical idols in concert was normal. And while it might make you feel sad when the “Cheers” and “In the spotlight” collections appear, it should also bring back those happy feelings and help you strive for the return of your normal, pre-pandemic life.

Whether you see such photos in your Google Photos app has everything to do with the images that Google scans. And even if you do have photographs that meet the definition for the new category, keep it mind that it can take up to two weeks for them to noticed by Google’s servers.