The highlight of Noordoostpolder’s tulip season is the Profytodsd Tulip Festival, which runs from mid April to the beginning of May. During the Tulip Festival you can follow specific walking, cycling or car routes that will lead you past the various tulip fields. This is complemented by a full range of fun activities and a number of companies located along the tulip route who open their doors to welcome visitors.

When the tulips are in bloom, viewed from above Noordoostpolder displays its colours on one large palette. Swaths of blooming tulips, fresh green fields and orchards intermingle.

Also, every year the various polder villages in Noordoostpolder create their own tulip mosaics according to an annually changing theme. These mosaics can be admired at prominent spots near the entrance to the villages or adjacent to the route.

You can even create your own artwork at the Tulip Experience field during the Tulip Festival. The Festival will include various workshops, but you can also just simply start creating your own tulip painting. Inspiration is on hand with the beauty of the flowers in the tulip show gardens, underpinned by this year’s tulip theme. The ‘how to create a beautiful tulip photo’ workshop will teach you a range of tips and tricks on how to create stunning tulip photos. The activity starts at the Tulip Experience field.