Paul Scardino from Winchester City, Virginia, USA has set record for owning the largest collection of Funko Pop figurines.

Having started his collection in 2017, he now has a total of approximately 5306 figurines. The stylised vinyl models depict licensed characters from comic books, movies and games.

Paul started collecting Funko Pops after receiving Hawkeye and Spider-Man from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie for his birthday. The gift inspired him to start researching the different types of Funko Pops on the market.

From that point forward, he looked to collect all the comic book related figurines (Marvel and DC). When he realised there were several lines (including movies, television and animation) he started by purchasing those that interested him, which grew to collecting most of the lines and trying to complete sets.

The figurines are displayed on organised shelving along the walls of his basement. The majority live outside their boxes, others are placed on top of the shelving units for display, and the rest are stored in large labelled containers for easy access. But the most valuable Funko Pops are kept inside their box within a protective case.